Review No.191. Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select

You will find most whiskey brands have a single cask or single barrel  bottle within their range.  The Single Barrel Select is Jack Daniel’s offering and is specifically selected from barrels that are deemed fit enough to bottle without having to be blended with other barrels.  Due to nature of single barrel selection you will not always find bottles that are identical but you will find that they are very similar.  I haven’t come across any single barrel whiskies that vary much from batch to batch.  This single barrel hasn’t been bottled directly from the barrel, it has been watered down to 45% strength.


Whisky: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey, 45%

Nose: Cinnamon, leather, oak, berries, sweet popcorn, vanilla

Taste: Vanilla, butterscotch, pepper spice, cinnamon, clove

Finish: Cinnamon, clove and pepper

Score: 2.5

Summary: The extra strength can be felt somewhat but the dominating feature of this single barrel is the amount of spice that I picked up on the nose, taste and finish.  Along with the traditional cinnamon and clove spice notes there is a hint of pepper, like that I get with Talisker.  There is not much complexity to this and those traditional american oak notes are floating around in the background.  I am waiting for the flavours to evolve but they don’t appear.  A bit disappointing.



Scoring scale: My scores reflect a balance of the overall experience, availability and cost for a whisky,

1 – not to my preference

2 – tastes fine but does not excite me

3 – more to my liking and would revisit occasionally

4 – very much to my liking and would consider as a regular feature on my whisky shelf

5 – permanent feature on my whisky shelf


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