Review No.188. Macleod’s Highland Single Malt

The next one in Ian Macleod’s Regional Single Malt range is this Highland.  I would assume that this is from Glengoyne because they own the distillery but I can’t say for certain and on a recent trip to Glengoyne distillery I think they alluded that it was not.  So what is a typical Highland single malt?  According to Ian Macleod it is “elegance, complexity and dry, smoky”. Hmm…this is quite a generic description but then it makes sense because I find the flavour profile of single malts from the Highland vary quite significantly.


Whisky: Ian Macleod’s Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 40%

Nose: Orange rind, citrus, honey, metallic, vegetal, earth

Taste: Citrus, butterscotch, vanilla, cinnamon, black tea, salt

Finish: Spicy and dry

Score: 2.25

Summary: The citrus and honey is upfront on the nose and represents what I typically find with entry level core bottles from Highland distilleries.  As with the speyside single malt in the rang there is an earthy note and then distinct dryness to the delivery.  The delivery is thin and the same alcohol heat is present but to a lesser extent.  There are some nice bourbon notes such as vanilla and butterscotch and given a bit of time these come more to the fore. There is also a gentle savoury/coastal note to this but that could be down to some peat influence rather than being malt from a coastal distillery.  This is not bad but I think you can get a better single malt exhibiting highland flavours by trying an entry level official bottling from the likes of Glengoyne or Glenmorangie.



Scoring scale: My scores reflect a balance of the overall experience, availability and cost for a whisky,

1 – not to my preference

2 – tastes fine but does not excite me

3 – more to my liking and would revisit occasionally

4 – very much to my liking and would consider as a regular feature on my whisky shelf

5 – permanent feature on my whisky shelf


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