Review No.140. Fettercairn Fior

Fettercairn is another distillery that is not that well know but their bottles have started to make an appearance on UK supermarket shelves.  The distillery has changed hands many times over and I get the impression that the distillery does not have a good reputation.  Fior means pure in Gaelic but if you were to see the colour of the whiskey it is anything but pure.  This kind of colour really puts me off and makes the whisky look like treacle.


Whisky: Fettercairn Fior Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 42%

Nose: Toffee, caramel, sugar, cinnamon, sweet pickle, spice

Taste: Caramel, liquorice, roasted nuts, leather, sugar

Finish: Burnt caramel

Score: 1.5

Summary: This is my Whyte & Mackay experience all over again (I suspect this goes into that blend).  Just too sweet…and general sugary sweetness at that.  I am being kind with my tasting notes and I must admit that some of notes may have been down to my imagination.  The texture is thin and the 42% alcohol does nothing to help.  Sugary sweetness dominates.  This is just not good in my books.  I gave it a 1.5 because of the potential it has for cocktails but then you would be better off spending a lot less for the same effect.



Scoring scale: My scores reflect a balance of the overall experience, availability and cost for a whisky,

1 – not to my preference

2 – tastes fine but does not excite me

3 – more to my liking and would revisit occasionally

4 – very much to my liking and would consider as a regular feature on my whisky shelf

5 – permanent feature on my whisky shelf


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