Review No.123. Aultmore 12 Year Old

Aultmore is another whisky in Bacardi’s Last Great Malts range and is located in the Speyside region.  Their range consists of this 12 year old and then a 21 and 25 year old which are quite pricey.  The 12 year old is priced at £45 which is a bit on the high side for a 12 year old.  It is bottled at 46% abv which is promising.


Whisky: Aultmore 12 Year Old Scotch Single Malt Whisky, 46%

Nose: Candy floss, vanilla, hay, grass, cream, pears, soil, sea salt, smoke

Taste: Cream topped tinned pears and apples, grapefruit, light peat, brine

Finish: Chocolate, brine and ash

Score: 3.75

Summary: I wasn’t expecting that.  This is not a typical Speyside single malt… in fact I can’t think of many that I have tried to date that are similar to this.  The delivery on this is delicate and light which is counterbalanced by the 46% abv delivering a great array of fruit, earthy and smoky notes.  There is something coastal about this too as I am picking up sea salt and brine, similar to Scapa.  This is a great example of how a relatively young and light single malt can deliver so much flavour thanks to it’s strength.  I still consider £45 a bit on the high side but I can forgive it for what it offers.  Just a shame I will not be able to move onto the 21 and 25 year old.


Scoring scale: My scores reflect a balance of the overall experience, availability and cost for a whisky,

1 – not to my preference

2 – tastes fine but does not excite me

3 – more to my liking and would revisit occasionally

4 – very much to my liking and would consider as a regular feature on my whisky shelf

5 – permanent feature on my whisky shelf


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