Here is a list of whisky blogs, vlogs, websites for reviews, educational information, general news and whisky shoppinig.  There are many more resources out there onlinenthat I occasionally visit but for the sake of not overwhelming you I have selected the ones that I regularly visit.



Aqvavitae: A Scotsman named Roy shares his thoughts on Whisky.  He posts reviews and hosts live streams with others in the whisky vlogging community resulting in very engaging discussions.

Ralfy: The person that really got me into whisky.  The most established vlogger amongst the whisky vlogging community.  Very insightful and engaging.  If there is one vlog to follow then this is the one.

The Whisk(e)y Vaults:  American based duo who are very entertaining. German based father and son team who operate as a whisky retailer in Germany, hence they do not rate the whiskies but do provide helpful tasting notes and educational information.



Malt-review: Team of bloggers writing reviews and content with substance. Very useful resource section too.

The Whiskyphiles: Whisky views, reviews and useful resources.

Whiskyfun: A blogger that has been around for a very very long time.  If you can’t find tasting notes for a whisky on his website then I doubt you will find them anywhere else.


General whisky stuff

Scotch Whisky: Claims to be most authoritative guide to whisky online. Mixture of industry news, articles and tasting notes.  Worth bookmarking.


Shopping for whisky

Amazon: Wide range of whiskies available to UK customers.  Also, if you have Prime then you get free delivery.

MasterofMalt: One of the largest UK online whisky retailers.  Option to purchase 3cl samples for many whiskies.

Mysupermarket: Great website for checking out if special offers are on for whiskies stocked at major supermarkets in the UK.

TheWhiskyExchange: Another one of the largest UK online whisky retailers. Good range of miniatures and they also provide 3cl samples and sets for many whiskies.