Article No.18. The Flavour Chase is 1 Year Old!

It has been a yer since I setup The Flavour Chase and it has flown by.  Before that I was already on my whisky journey and had become familiar with flavour profiles, distillery character and the whisky scene in general to a point.  Online folks such as Ralfy and Serge were and still are a useful source of reference but it was Aqvavitae that made me think I could and should contribute to the whisky scene.

The thing is, whisky can be quite a complicated subject to get your head around and it will you will only really know how much into it you are the more you delve into the detail.  If you get to the point where you are intrigued by the more specific aspects of whisky production and also exploring the ever growing selection of whiskies that are being released then you are probably really into it.  However complicated it is and no matter how much of the details you know there is no such thing as a whisky expert in my opinion unless you make whisky.  So for the likes of us it is all about opinion and it is quite fun sharing your own and listening to others.

In the year that has passed by I have posted almost 200 tasting notes and a few articles, I have been to my first whisky festival and visited Glengoyne and Auchentoshan as well as a few famous whisky bars/pubs in Glasgow.  I have also built rapport with others in the online whisky community and have finally taken to twitter with The Flavour Chase. There is a lot more I want to do and a lot more I wanted to do in the past year but then this is just a hobby.  I have a job and a social life to maintain too.  A word of caution to you that are thinking about becoming a vlogger or blogger – you need to be committed and you have to make the time for it.  You will find out if it is a genuine hobby you enjoy or if it is not for you sooner or later.  For me, it has been difficult to dedicate my time to this on some occasions but overall I enjoy writing about whisky and being part of the whisky community.

I intend to carry on posting my tasting notes, going to whisky events, visiting distilleries and engaging with other in the online whisky scene.  The one thing that will change however is the regularity of posts.  There is more than enough whisky out there but it can be an expensive hobby to maintain and time is a tricky thing to manage so I will be posting tasting notes twice a week for the foreseeable future with the odd article here and there.

Thanks for following my blog and I hope you stick around!