Article No.1. Welcome to The Flavour Chase

Hello.  If you are reading this then welcome to the The Flavour Chase and thank you for your time.  I assume the reason that you are here is that you want to know more about whisky.

I have enjoyed drinking whisky for many years but I only really got into it since 2015.  The online whisky community has been great in guiding me through my journey in terms of educating me on whisky and helping me choose which whiskies to spend my money on.  Since then I have learnt to know what I like, how much I should be spending and where to go for guidance if I am unsure.

There are 2 main challenges I have faced during my journey and still to this day.

  • Overwhelming choice: when starting out, I had to figure out through trial and error which styles I am keen and not so keen on.
  • Increasing prices: getting into whisky as a hobby can be expensive therefore I believe the emphasis on finding what you like and shopping smart is increasingly important.

Over the past few years I have tried 200+ whiskies for which I will be posting my tasting notes and opinions for you from the very beginning. In essence you will be seeing my journey up to the present day – when I eventually catch up with myself.  The Flavour Chase is my vehicle for sharing my views on how best to navigate your way through your journey into the world of whisky in the backdrop of overwhelming choice and increasing prices.